Why Your Brand/Business Needs a Mascot

by Puppet Nerd

No longer are mascots limited to just the football field and basketball court. In the digital age a costume just won’t cut it anymore. Imagine your mascot talking to your customers and doing interviews. The best way to do that is with a puppet version of your mascot! Pump up your audience and increase viewer engagement by adding a mascot to your brand or business using puppetry.


The first reason why your brand needs a mascot is for marketing purposes. The mascot of your brand should be a visual cue to what your business is. Think about some of the most famous mascots for brands, like the M&M characters or the Pringles man. You automatically connect the mascot to the brand because it’s a direct visual cue.

Brand Recognition

This brings us to our next point of brand recognition. As humans, we’re much more likely to remember a green giant pasted on a can of green beans rather than a field of greens on a can with the logo of your brand. Picking a mascot means your brand stands out. Mascot puppets are wacky, draw attention, and command recognition by just existing. When customers recognize the mascot, they recognize your brand and business.

Audience Engagement

A mascot at a sports game gets the audience pumped! They set the scene and make the game more exciting than it actually is. No hate to sports fans, but take away the cheerleaders, crowd, band, and mascot and you have a pretty lackluster show. 

Mascot puppets act as a way to connect the audience to the brand. You feel personally connected to the brand because they’ve put a face to their business. Even if that face is a girl with a yellow umbrella on a salt shaker… it’s recognition.

Also, many brands have brought their mascot out into the 3-D world for events to promote their brand even further. While most kids will shy away from the tall, slender clown that is Ronald McDonald, his appearances at events and in commercials for McDonalds has landed the fast-food restaurant the recognition they have today.

Who Are You?

Add a mascot puppets to your brand or business to solidify who you are. A mascot does more than just tell a funny side to your brand, it connects your audience to who you are.

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