Make a Cake Puppet! (Free Pattern)

by Puppet Nerd

Food puppets are a ton of fun, BUT we all know that desert is everybody’s favorite. Follow along and make your own Cake Puppet used this free pattern and guide. 

We started using these car sponges. However, you can use any 2 or 2.5 inch yellow or white foam.

​Then we used a turkey carving knife to cut a straight edge on one side of each of the sponges.

Next, glue the flat ends of the sponges together. I like to use Super 74 since it is a glue specially made for foam.

The next step is to trace the foam patterns in the center of each piece. Then cut them out using the turkey carving knife.

Then cut out the entry hole for the puppet. It should go all the way through the bottom half.

 I like to use a Persona Blade. They are perfect for cutting foam.

Next, mark the spots for your thumb and fingers on each piece. Then use the persona blades to carve out a spot for your hands. But do not go all the way through the foam.

For the mouth plates I like to use plastic from an old storage container. Trace the mouth plate pattern and cut out two of them. Then glue them into the mouth of the puppet. I like to use contact cement for this.

Next, trace and cut out the fold fabric mouth plate pattern. You will need two of these. Use whatever color you want. This will also look like the filling on the cake.

After the felt is cut out, stitch along the straight edge that is closest to the top point of the shape. Then carefully glue both sides to the felt to each of the two foam pieces.

Next, cut out the fabric top and back cake pattern pieces. These will act as the frosting. Use whatever color you would like your frosting to be.

Then glue them to the top and back of the foam.

For the frosting details, trace and cut out the pattern as show using a contrasting color of felt.

Repeat this as many times as needed. I ended up use 8 of them to decorate my cake.

Next, make eyes for your puppet. for this I used Jumbo Ping Pong balls that were cut in half.

Add pupils too! for this you can use a sharpie marker or small pieces of felt.

Click here to learn other techniques for making eyes for your puppets!

Glue it all together and add any other details you like. I added a birthday candle!

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