No Sew Puppet Build!!!

by Puppet Nerd

Anyone Can Make a Puppet!

Ever thought about becoming a puppeteer but in the same minute thought, “but I don’t know how to sew!” Well, fear not, there’s a solution for you. It doesn’t take sewing skills or a sewing machine to make a puppet. There are many ways to make a puppet without sewing if you use your imagination and get creative.

What Kind of Puppet Can You Make?

In one of my recent videos, I show you how to make a puppet without sewing a thing. This isn’t a beginner’s sock puppet, either. Through this video, you’ll be able to make a full-fledge puppet that any pro ventriloquist would use.

You don’t have to be limited by a lack of skill or forced to learn a skill that you’re not passionate about in order to make incredible puppets. Anyone can follow along with this tutorial and end up with a puppet that will wow a crowd.

What Does it Take?

Making fantastic puppets comes down to two things- having suitable materials and being creative in your design. Once you have the proper fabric and glue, it won’t matter that you don’t know how to sew. In this video, I give you all the tools you need to build a puppet worthy for the stage.

From there, the design element is up to you and is truly where the magic happens. Your choice of features on the puppet, coloring, and other details will be what pull your creation together. Sewing skills or not, your design is what makes your puppet unique and special.

Below is our recommended Hot Glue Gun!

Get Crafting!

Whether you can sew like a pro or can barely thread a needle, the art of puppet making is in  your hands. With the proper guidance, tools, and creativity, you can flourish in your puppet-making skills.

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