Paper Puppets are the Perfect Craft!

by Puppet Nerd

With summer break approaching, finding ways to keep your kids entertained at home is key. Try out this fun and easy paper puppet craft that is sure to push your child’s creativity levels with the endless design options this simple craft affords.  

What Materials are Needed?

This craft is so easy that the materials can be as simple or vast as you’d like. The essential materials are a sheet of paper and a pen or marker that you can decorate with. Additional materials, such as, glue, construction paper, googly eyes, fur, and more can be used if you’d like as well.

Paper Puppet

The first puppet we’re going to make will be held together with glue. It’s a simple design that goes like this:

Lay your paper out horizontally.

Fold the bottom half of the paper to the halfway point. Then fold the top half of the paper to meet the bottom half with a little overlap in the middle (about the width of your finger).

Glue or tape down the edges together and let it dry.

Fold in half with the seam on the outside. It should look like the letter “V”.

Fold each end in half. The shape of your puppet should transform from a “V” to an “M” shape.

Time to decorate! Use markers, crayons, scraps of paper, fabric, and fur to design your puppet. The key to the design is to have fun and use your imagination! You really can’t go wrong when designing your puppet, so think outside of the box.

Use your puppet! The best way to hold this puppet is by placing your four fingers in the top hole of the puppet and your thumb in the bottom. This gives you full mobility of the puppet.

Customizing your puppet is what transforms this piece of paper into a life-like character. Have fun with it. Some of my students have made unicorns, dragons, and even a baby Yoda with this craft. The possibilities are endless, so flex your creativity with this craft.

Here are a bunch of examples!

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