Restoring Fozzie’s Studebaker

by Puppet Nerd

Do you remember Fozzie Bear’s old Studebaker from the classic Muppet Movie? Well you probably wouldn’t recognize it now. It is in shambles!

Though Fozzie’s Studebaker is in rough shape, we are at least glad it still exists. So many movie props and set pieces end up getting thrown out. Especially pieces as big and beat up as this.

This is why we are glad that it is now in the hands of the Studebaker National Museum, instead of baking in the sun out in a field like it was before. And they have plans… BIG PLANS! Our friends at the Studebaker National Museum have started a campaign to have Fozzie’s Studebaker fully restored, complete with the psychedelic paint job originally designed by Muppets house band the Electric Mayhem.

The Muppets Need Your Help!

In the movie, the Muppets seemingly just slapped house paint on the beat up Studebaker, but that’s not how the Studebaker National Museum plans to do it. The museum plans to hire skilled restoration specialists to return the car to its as-seen-on-screen appearance in the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie.

Besides restoring its colorful paint job, the restoration specialists will work to restore the vehicle’s mechanical systems. With this added bonus making Fozzie’s Studebaker fully operable will allow it to be potentially used at special events! Think Comicon, Red Carpet Movie premieres, THE WORKS!!!

Jim Henson’s Muppets always work together like a family and we are hoping you can join the Muppet family too! We need your help to support this crowdfunding campaign.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to contribute financially, but there are other ways to help too! Besides contributing what you can, the best thing you can do is talk about it with everyone who will listen. Spread the Muppet LOVE. Please share this story!

The Studebaker Museum has been accepting donations to restore the car for a while now, so far they have received only $9,000. But they have just launched a GoFundMe donation page. The Studebaker Museum is looking to raise a total of $175,000 to complete a full restoration.

Why is Fozzie’s Studebaker Important

By restoring the car, they will not only be able to preserve a valuable piece of movie history, but also engage visitors in the complex mechanical systems and effects that often go into some of their favorite films. The story of the car will appeal to young and old and people from all walks of life.  Especially since having an eye-catching operable vehicle will allow the museum to loan out the vehicle for other Museum exhibitions and car shows, so even more Muppet fans can enjoy this piece of puppet history.

By donating to this campaign, you will help preserve a piece of movie magic.  Donate what you can and follow the Studebaker National Museum on social media for all of the updates along the way.

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