Free Virtual Event For Kids!

by Puppet Nerd

Puppets, exotic animals, juggling, music, MAGIC AND MORE!!! And all for FREE!!!But don’t wait to watch, the video is only going to be available for a limited amount of time. To learn more CLICK HERE!

Check out these AMAZING Performers!!!

Don’t miss Jeff Musial “The Animal Guy”!!! 

“As seen on TV” Jeff and his exotic creatures always steal the show!

My personal favorite animal was “Lunch Box”. You have to watch to find out what kind of animal he is!

Buffalo’s favorite and coolest DJ!!! DJ Milk!!

You can find DJ Milk playing music at events all over Western NY. Even at football games for the Buffalo Bills!

You will enjoy all of his cool james during First Night Buffalo!!! 

The magic of Nick Mambretti will AMAZE you!

He has some special NEW tricks up his sleeve this year too!

Nick also teaches you how to do your very own magic trick too! 

Get ready to see some DANGEROULS awesome stunts by Nels Ross from In Jest!

Juggling, balancing, and a jokes that will leave you rolling on the floor!

Nels even teaches you how to juggle too!

Check out these celebrities’! Spiderman even swings in fresh off him new movie, and even brought his friend Rapunzel too!

These characters are brought to you by our friends at Emmalees Memories!

They do home visits for parties too!

Slyboots Circus brings us some cultural education is a really fun way!

You’ll see and learn some cool dances and bob your head to a great beat!



Everyone loves a good face paint! Squiggly Art has you covered!

Squiggly art teaches you a few different designs you you can do yourself!

Adam Kreutinger takes you on an adventure with his new friend Hubble the Alien!

You also get to learn how to make a simple puppet you can make at home!

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