“The Muppet Show” Returns!

by Puppet Nerd

“The Muppet Show” Returns!

The Muppet Show” is a classic for any Gen X, Millennial, and even some Gen Z young adults. However, with streaming platforms on the rise, many young kids today have yet to experience the hilarity of this classic puppet tv show.

Going to Disney Plus

It’s been announced that “The Muppet Show” will be added to Disney Plus on February 19th. This includes all 5 seasons, starting from the 1970s premiere. With huge numbers of parents turning to streaming services rather than traditional tv for entertainment, this means a new generation of kids will begin to experience this classic show.

What is “The Muppet Show?”

If you’ve never heard of “The Muppet Show” you may be either a baby or a person who lived in isolation from the internet their whole life. The show was started by creator Jim Henson and ran from 1976 to 1981. It has a similar vibe to the show, “Sesame Street”, in that it features popular puppet characters, such as Kermit the FrogMiss PiggyGonzothe Swedish Chef, and Fozzie Bear. Alongside these characters, popular stars and influencers of the time come on to speak with the puppet showrunners, such as Steve MartinLiza MinnelliJulie Andrews, and Elton John.

New Generation, New Muppets

Disney acquired the rights to the Muppets in 2004 and has since added and created new content for this lovable show. Yet they still hadn’t added the original 5 seasons to the platform. With this move, a new generation will experience this wholesome show. 

This is a great way to bring the older generation mixed in with the new generation. The show is classic entertainment for kids. It’s no doubt that kids will enjoy the show all the same as the older generation did. After all, what kid doesn’t love a silly animal puppet?

Parents can also rest assured that the content they’re letting their children view is safe. Since they have probably watched the show themselves, it’s already pre-watched and approved for viewing. This can’t be said with many other forms of entertainment for kids, such as YouTube videos, that have to be watched by the parents before showing the kids to ensure the safety of the content.

Joy for the Whole Family

There’s no doubt that “The Muppets Show” will provide entertainment to the new generation of kids and classic nostalgia to the parents. The show comes on Disney Plus on February 19th and isn’t one to miss!
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