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by Puppet Nerd

Everybody loves puppets!! And the only as fun at learning puppetry is learning how to make a puppet too. However, making a puppet uses a wide range of puppet supplies.

Foam, fleece, fur, felt, eyes, arm rods, glue , needle and thread and so much more.

But if you are a beginner in the puppets building world, there is a new way to dip your toe in without the hassle or ordering supplies from ten different websites. Or even worst, realizing you accident forgot one of the materials half way through your puppet project.

If you don’t want to take a chance on that, then I would highly recommend getting a puppet building kit!

Though “Puppet Nerd” does offer puppet building classes for kids and adults through “Camp Puppet” and “Puppet Maker’s Workshop”, at this time we do not sell puppet maker kits on their own.


We have some friends who do!

Our friends over at Puppet Things and Monkey Boys Productions have your back for puppet building kits. Both websites have multiple puppet building kits to choose from. Some to build larger puppets that are more advanced and other more simple kits that should be a little bit easier to put together.

Below is an example and description form each website. Be sure to click on the website logos above to check out the rest of the puppet building kits they offer!

Description – Puppet Things

Build your own friend with a Puppet Things Puppet Kit!

‘Nath’ is a simple to build, fun puppet designed to be a professional-standard practice puppet. Endlessly customizable and perfect for throwing in a bag and performing around the town!

All of our Puppet Kits are completely customisable – choose from anything on the site and save $$$!

‘Nath’ Puppet Kit Includes:

  • High-quality puppet pattern & instructions printed on card stock.
  • 600mm x 500mm x 10mm Puppet Foam.
  • 50cm of your choice of colour and style of skin fabric (Nylafleece/Scraggle Fleece/ Fur).
  • 30cm of black jersey lining fabric.
  • 50cm of corset boning.
  • Laser-cut Plastic Mouthplate.
  • Puppet Mouth Kit.
  • Armature Wire (2 x 1m lengths).
  • Foam Arm Tubes.
  • Adjustable Arm Rods (Pair).
  • Your choice of any 2 Eyes & Features.
  • Contact Adhesive

Description – Monkey Boys

Our pro kit, HUBBUB, offers a greater challenge, along with a greater reward. This kit, when properly assembled, will provide its new owner with a high-quality hand-and-rod puppet that they can feel proud to use in their next live or video project. Recommended for 15 and up.

Be advised that this kit recommends the use of a sewing machine. 

Kits Include: 

  • One folder containing patterns and instructions
  • One roll of ½” Reticulated Foam
  • One cut of Nylafleece™ (official “Puppet Fleece” formerly known as “Antron”) 
  • One length of 7mm boning
  • One length of ½” boning casing
  • One sheet of heavy duty chipboard
  • One sheet of extra thin plywood
  • One piece of Craft Velour
  • One pair of safety eyes
  • One piece of XLPE Foam
  • One block of polyfoam
  • and More!!!

Puppet Kit ad from Puppet Things

More Puppet Making Fun!!!

If you are looking to make your own puppets just using supplies from the local craft store, then we have a TONs of patterns and easy tutorials for you to follow along with.

There is a playlist below with our most popular puppet projects!

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