Make a Venom Costume!!!

by Puppet Nerd

It’s October, which means Halloween is quickly approaching. The movie release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage is also here, so why not combine the two and make a killer Venom costume. This tutorial will give you a venom costume using puppetry that will leave a carnage of your friends’ costumes that couldn’t live up to yours.

How to Make an Easy Venom Costume

1. Create the Head. Trace out the head pattern onto foam and cut it out. Then, use hot glue to glue the seams together. Don’t glue the mouth shut.

2. Create the Mouth. Trace and cut out the mouth pattern onto thin plastic. Make two patterns, one for the top and bottom of the mouth. Next, make a slit around the back of the puppet and add two inches of foam around so the mouth is open and has room for teeth.

3. Finish the Base. Stuff the head with foam and fiber fill. Then, use the head pattern to keep the scraps in place. Glue it shut.

4. Make the Chin. Stack layers of foam on top of each other to make a bigger chin and then trim and carve it into place.

5. Finish the Mouth. Now you’ll create the inside mouth plate. Use foam to cover the plastic mouth patterns you glued on earlier. Use hot glue or spray adhesive to have it stick. Then, texturize the mouth by carving away at the foam and then paint it a pinkish red color.

6. Begin the Eyes. Draw eyes to mimic Venom’s and raise them with foam to give them texture and make them look like they are sticking out around their rim.

7. Create the Skin. Take pieces of velvet and apply them to the head in layers. Wrinkles are okay for this costume because Venom’s skin isn’t smooth. The wrinkles add to Venom’s character.

8. Make the Neck Sleeve. Measure the hoodie’s arm opening. You’ll eventually have to have your arm through this new neck sleeve, so make sure your arm sits comfortably. Trace out the sleeve using the same black fabric as you did with the skin, cut it out, and sew it up or secure it with glue. Attach sleeve to back of Venom’s head with hot glue.

9. Finish Eyes. Paint his eyes white and stay within the ridged indentations you made earlier.

10. Add Teeth. You can make teeth various ways, but I used foam cut out to look like sharp teeth and glued them on the top and bottom of Venom’s mouth. Then I used a sharpie to darken the mouth and teeth a little. Don’t completely cover them in black, but leave little black marks here and there to add to Venom’s evil look.

11. Add a Smile. Paint a smile onto the side of Venom’s face to give him that sinister expression.

12. Attach the Puppet to the Hoodie. Mark where hole should go on your hoodie. This will be a little below your shoulder, so put it on and find where’s comfortable for you. Then, cut an arm hole through one side of the hoodie and reinforce the seams with glue. Next, attach the neck sleeve of Venom to your hoodie.

13. Finishing Touches. Draw root-like veins around where you attached the puppet to make the venom puppet appear as one with the hoodie fabric. Lastly, stuff the rest of the hoodie with foam and fiber filling, sew the end up, and stuff it in the pocket. Now you can put your hand through the neck sleeve of Venom to control him while creating the illusion of your hand being in your hoodie pocket.

Great to Do Last Minute

This costume only took me about an hour to make. It’s a “quick and dirty” project that turns into something creative and unique for your next Halloween party.

Follow Along in the Video Tutorial Below!

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