I Made my Daughter a Cookie Monster Dress!

by Puppet Nerd

People who know us well are very familiar with the dresses I have made for my wife over the years. But now it’s Fred’s turn! This is officially the first outfit I made for her and she was only four days old.

The inspiration for this was a coincide in timing. Hasbro Pulse toy company was in the middle of promoting a campaign to have a life size cookie monster replica. They sent it to me for a few days so I could make a video giving an up-close look on my main channel. I was working with them to promote it to other puppeteers. Unfortunately, the campaign did not reach it’s goal, but I was still glade that I was able to get an up-close look at it myself.

While I had the Cookie monster in my hands, I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to do something fun with Fred. My first idea was to make her  a dress from fabric with chocolate chip cookie print and so a photo shoot to make it look like Cookie Monster was trying to eat her😂🤣.

But I was not able to find cookie print fabric under such short notice with such a fast turnaround.

So then I had the idea of a Cookie Monster dress with a headband that had big googly eyes (You can see the full making of the dress in this video).

It fit her perfect!

Next we began the photo shoot!!!​ All photos were taken on my Canon M50 with my Cannon EF-M 22mm f2,0 lens.

​And we couldn’t be happier with how the photos came out!!


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Yours truly,
Adam, Maria, and Fred

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