The Future of Puppetry! A Decade in Review

by Puppet Nerd

Ten years ago I was 21…

Needless to say the past ten years have been extremely influential. Life changing milestones at every step…

– Graduating from college
– Started teaching career
– Masters degree
– Married
– My daughter

and all along the way creating my art.

Though I don’t know exactly what the future will hold for me. My main plan is to continue exactly what I am doing now, but to expand on it.

So more tutorials, build projects, and interviews. But also I’d like to do some fun challenge videos and talk backs.

Enjoy this decade in review video as I reflect on the future of puppetry and how I got here.

If there is anything specific that you would like to see, please let me know!

Ideas commented on the blog will have priority!

**Happy New Year!!!**

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Yours truly,

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