I Interviewed My Mom and You Should Too

by Puppet Nerd

Seven years ago my parents moved from snowy Buffalo to sunny California. Sounds like an easy decision to make. I mean, who wouldn’t like perfect comfortable weather every day with a view of the ocean from their balcony window.

Despite the view, I’m sure this was one of the toughest decisions they’ve ever had to make.

And for us, well… now we have the perfect excuse for yearly vacations. 😎

With 2,559 miles between us, it should be no surprise to hear that the Kreutinger’s are well versed in video calls. Something that has become a sudden popular trend in the world due to unfortunate circumstances.

That said, there is nothing quite like sitting down in person and having a nice conversation. I had a really nice conversation with my Mom this past August. She was visiting when my daughter was born. We were talking one day so I migrated the conversation to my puppet workshop. My workshop also has a recording setup for when we make episodes of Puppet Tears Podcast.

But there was no puppet talk that day. Just an awesome, impromptu, in person, conversation with my mom.

These in person conversations were something that have been taken for granted for a long time…

but we shouldn’t anymore.

Many people have given me flack over the years for pulling out a camera and recording things.

“Can’t you just be in the moment?”


“You are not being present.”

They always say.

I couldn’t disagree with this more. In fact, it’s the opposite is true.

You would have to be hyper PRESENT to recognize you are IN a moment that is worth capturing.

When sitting back and reflecting on your childhood or family memories, I don’t think there are many people who think “Golly, I wish I didn’t have so many family photos” or I really wish I didn’t have that video clip of grandpa singing while cooking spaghetti.”

No. You always wish you had more. And so often the most routine and mundane things end up being the things we miss the most.

So… Don’t record everything.

However, if even for a second you have an urge to pull out your phone to capture a moment…


you will regret it. Here is my interview with my mom. Well worth the watch. (CLICK HERE)

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