The Whole Kreu

by Puppet Nerd

Welcome! We have decided to start a blog to document milestones, special events, or just whatever the Kreutinger’s are up to! Last year, we started a family Vlog on YouTube ( but we wanted to add a blog as a way to expand on the videos and to share events that are only documented through photos.

A little about us.

We are proud Buffalonians!

We are both teachers. Maria is a 3rd grade teacher at St. Mark school in Buffalo and Adam is and art teacher at South Davis Elementary school in Orchard Park. We are heavily involved in the local arts and theatre scene of Buffalo. Maria is a singer/actress while Adam is usually more involved behind the scenes (but occasionally takes the stage) working on props, puppets, and costumes.

On August 9th we officially became the proud parents of Winifred Truly Kreutinger! (Fred for short) She is new to the Kreu but she fit right in.

​Becoming a parent is surreal. Obviously, we knew we would love her but we didn’t know that this would be such a different type of love feeling. No one can prepare you for it and it’s impossible to explain. It’s just remarkable how your life can become instantly so different than it was they day before and yet so the same.

There are a lot of interesting events to come. Pop in do the blog anytime for more formal updates. Feel free to follow social media for daily posts and photos.

Instagram @TheWholeKreu
YouTube @TheWholeKreu
Twitter @TheWholeKreu

Yours truly,
Adam, Maria, and Fred

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