We Went to Maker Faire!

by Puppet Nerd

Maker Faire had reached out to me last year on Instagram, inviting me to the event. I WAS THRILLED, especially since they were adding a puppetry section to the faire. Rochester it is practically in my own backyard, being from Buffalo.

At the time I accepted I didn’t know we were going to be bringing an infant. But our new family had a BLAST, especially baby Fred! You can see our experience first hand in the Vlog on Youtube.

Being so new to the Maker Faire experience, I wasn’t sure of exactly what to bring. So we just stuffed the car with all I had until nothing else fit! I even ordered custom banners designed by Cameron Garrity, my co-host on the Puppet Tears Podcast . And I LOVE how it all turned out.

Over the course of the two days day Maker Faire I did puppetry demos for thousands of people. I showed them how the mechanical puppets work, performing techniques, as well as how to find free resources on my website to make your own puppets. I even taught how to make your own show!

I also met a ton of awesome people! Many of which we are planning to do collaborations with. I met Elijah Horland who was a host on Mythbusters Jr. We got to learn about his experience on the show and they invited us to go to his Maker Faire in Coney Island! Keep an eye out for it, I’m really hoping we can go!

We also met and got to see an awesome magic show by Mario the Maker Magician! He was awesome! We chatted a little about my old magician days, I’m hoping to build puppet for one of his projects coming up! Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel too!

I connected quick with my friends over at Thimble and we are hoping to make a puppetry themed box for their maker subscription kits!!!! Stay tuned!!!

Lastly, Kira and I are planning to co-design a line of puppets. I’m going to be creating a custom pattern exclusively for her shop! So if you like the design, the only place you will be able to get it will be at Kira Arts!

The whole event was sooooo amazing! I am definitely looking forward to going back again next year and even to other Maker Faires!!

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